Residential Roof Repair

What Causes Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks and repair needs often arise due to flashing issues and problems with the valleys of a roof. Detecting and repairing these issues promptly is crucial to prevent further damage to the interior of your home.

Repairing these areas typically involves replacing old or improperly installed flashing with high-quality, durable materials. Additionally, adding extra roof protection to the valleys can help prevent water damage and prolong the lifespan of your roof. At A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration, our team of experienced professionals will inspect your roof, identify any problem areas, and provide reliable repair solutions to keep your home safe and secure.


Repair Red Flags

There are interior and exterior things to watch for that will let you know your roof is damaged. The presence of any of these warrants a call to A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration for a roof inspection.

  1. Leaks
  2. Missing or damaged shingles
  3. Stains on walls or ceiling
  4. Mold or mildew growth
  5. Sagging roof areas
  6. Granules in gutter
  7. Musty smell 


Stay Ahead of Mother Nature


Roofs are too frequently replaced prematurely when expert repairs do the trick! In many instances, repairs can extend the life of the existing roof significantly, saving homeowners a great deal of time and money! Prompt action is crucial when it comes to addressing roof damage caused by weather or other factors such as wear and tear.



Why Choose A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration?

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage due to inclement weather or normal wear and tear, it’s essential to act promptly. Neglecting to address roofing damage can result in more severe problems down the line. Our team at A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration is well-equipped to inspect your roof, identify any issues, and provide reliable repair solutions to ensure the safety and longevity of your roofing system. Our team is only a phone call away, contact us at 770-573-9338 today and we will schedule your free assessment!