Commercial Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance is Critical

Commercial Maintenance and Repair 1


According to statistics, roofs that receive regular inspections and maintenance last up to 30% longer than those that are neglected. This means that investing in maintenance can add years to the lifespan of your roof, resulting in significant long-term savings!

The A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration team is here to provide the high-quality commercial maintenance and repair services your roof needs to provide optimal levels of performance for years to come.



Initial Inspection and Plan

Commercial Maintenance and Repair 2The initial inspection provides crucial information about the roof’s condition and water tightness, along with the overall roof conditions. 

Even with a new roof it is still critical to schedule regular inspections at least once a year to ensure that it remains in good condition and to detect any issues before they escalate into serious issues.

Your roof maintenance plan should include a set of regular cleaning and maintenance tasks to keep your roof in prime condition. 



The Many Benefits of a Maintenance Plan

Savings: Regular maintenance assessments help identify potential problems early on before they turn into more significant issues. 

Insurance Claims: Detailed documentation of inspections and maintenance diminish the likelihood of any claim denials related to negligence. 

Safety: Damaged roofs pose a significant risk, but regular maintenance can help identify and address safety concerns before they become serious issues and put others in harm’s way.

Warranty Compliance: Our maintenance program ensures that your roof is inspected and maintained on a schedule that complies with the requirements of your roof’s warranty.


Protect Your Investment

Protecting your roofing investment is hassle-free with A.Z.A. Roofing and Restoration. Schedule your consultation today by calling us at 770-573-9338. Our team of highly skilled experts will partner with you to design a customized maintenance program tailored to the specific needs of your business.